We emphasize a learning-centered educational style that fosters the participant´s holistic growth.


We exist to encourage future generations of men and women to have the most remarkable vacation experiences and to enjoy the world´s best entertainment.


Revolutionize the timeshare sector by professionalizing individuals who participate in our Sales Process, and thereby establish ourselves as Latin America´s greatest timeshare marketing organization


Confidence in the group and its leaders, following policies and procedures correctly to accomplish outcomes.


We consider the organization´s goals to be our own, therefore we completely support and implement actions that are devoted to achieving common goals. We meet both personal and professional expectations.


We use a methodical and tenacious method to accomplish our objectives.


We act and think in a fair, upright, and honest manner. At Fidelis, we do everything with the intention of following the rules that are regarded as correct and appropriate in our community.

Team Work

We join our efforts to achieve common goals and objectives, promoting reciprocal learning as a driving force for our group´s ongoing growth.

"Creating the future is the best method to predict it."