About us

Fidelis Marketing Group was founded in 2013 as Vida Vacation´s exclusive marketing company.

We are a business that promotes high-quality tourist facilities and tours to the best attractions in the areas where we have a presence.

Our Principles


Between the team and our clients, we act with loyalty and trust. Each policy and procedure is carried out with dedication and enthusiasm.


To maintain an environment that promotes positive and proactive communication, we are committed to providing care for and respecting individual diversity.


We act with determination and devotion in the face of all the problems and goals to be met.


We strive to attain all of our goals and objectives, and we use our abilities to discover effective and innovative ways to overcome the barriers that come our way.

Team Work

At Fidelis, we recognize and trust in the individual characteristics of the whole team, we foster common growth, we combine forces to achieve goals, and we achieve outcomes via leadership and inspiration.

"We are Extraordinary Hosts who Create the Extraordinary."